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Custom fishing rod racks created for you

Frank Bark June 5 • How often have you tossed a wet bait back in a Plano only to discover later a whole, expensive mess of rusted jigs? Or, your cup holders overflowing with rejected baits that threaten to stick a hook in your bare or nearly bare feet as you are culling? How about us Type A personalities that come tournament morning want that day's baits stored by size and colour in a easy, time efficient manner? Canadian craftsman Jim Bragg has the solution. FISH BUD! Installs in seconds on the underside of your boats compartment lids or anywhere you want. Holds up to 24 baits in a way that they just don't fall out - even on a windy Erie day!!! Get your FISH BUD at the exclusive GTA dealer - Bronte Outdoor in Port Credit. Endorsed by some of the most experienced Ontario tournament anglers. 

I mounted mine (Fish Bud) in my boat last weekend. Love them! I can't stand clutter and actually have thrown out baits because they were in a tangle. I bet these will pay for themselves quick in my boat. Good job Jim. Peace out.

Danny Dunn

Congratulations  on winning the tournament with that monster, football fish.

Chris and I received the rod stand that you supplied as a prize, and as Chris mentioned to you, it is of far better Quality than any others you would see. Nice to see Real Craftsmanship.

Chris and I would like to thank you for the support of this community based event. I am a long time volunteer and hockey coach in my own community and events like this are made far more successful through the help of businesses like your own.

Again Thank You

Ian& Chris

I bought two rod holders from Jim for my husband for Christmas. He did an amazing job on both of them, way better then getting them from the store, and they cost less then the ones you can buy. He did an amazing job on the racks and I don't mind have it displayed in the house. All the rods sit nicely in their holder! He delivered them in perfect condition. He is very nice to work with as well, he'll answer any questions you might have and he delivered at no extra cost. My husband loves his holders and after seeing the rest of the products offered, is looking forward to ordering something else soon. 



I contacted him on a custom rack made to fit the space I had and he was more than willing to accommodate my request . What we came up with was a beauty rack that will hold all my expensive gear . My rack was delivered At a cost I couldn't start my truck for ! Great rack , great guy to deal with and quality work thank you Jim
Hope you enjoyed Niagara
Owner of the 26 rod work of art :D


"If you can imagine it, we can build it"